You should never assume your new construction home will be perfectly built. Homeowners often find problems within the first year after moving into a newly constructed home. Order a builder’s warranty inspection in time to address issues before the warranty expires.

What is Covered by a Builder’s Warranty?

Some builder’s warranties are split up into 1, 2, and 10-year terms. The terms are split up according to the type of work covered. For example:

  • The one-year warranty normally covers labor and materials
  • The two-year warranty normally covers electrical, plumbing, heating, AC, & ventilation
  • The ten-year warranty normally covers structural issues

It’s important to read the warranty so you fully understand what’s covered and what your responsibilities might be. 

What Is Typically Not Covered Under a Builder’s Warranty?

 Exclusions will usually include:

  • Damage that is your fault, coming from misuse, abuse, or neglect 
  • Failure to maintain proper humidity and ventilation levels
  • Deterioration of construction materials beyond what’s typically expected, due to shrinkage, natural disasters, soil settling, or weather changes
  • Damage from vandals and burglars
  • Damage caused by anyone you hired to perform work on the home
  • Consumer product appliances or equipment, such as dishwashers or refrigerators

To maximize all of your rights in the warranty, get a builder’s warranty inspection before any expiration dates.

You won’t know about every issue that might require attention until you have the inspection. The contract most likely stipulates that a builder’s warranty inspection is needed before any repairs are approved. 

Order the Builder’s Warranty Inspection in the 11th Month

The biggest mistake people make is waiting too long before ordering the builder’s warranty inspection. You need to order it in the 11th month so you have time to get the inspection completed and then make the repair requests of your builder. 

Much of the responsibility for repairs is likely to shift from the builder to the homeowner after the first year. Hire your inspector during the 11th month to find anything that was installed poorly, was missed during the original build, or has revealed itself over the 11 months you’ve been in the home. 

Be Proactive & Save Money Later

A home inspection only costs a few hundred dollars and can potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars in future repair costs. Any repairs that are the responsibility of the builder are completed at no cost to you. That’s why ordering the inspection before the one-year deadline makes sense.

You’ll be happy to get things fixed now and will have an easier time selling your home in the future. Order your inspection in time to address items that should be fixed by the builder before your warranty expires.

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