In the summertime, you want to maintain a healthy, green lawn in spite of the heat. The hot weather is tough on grass and trees. If you planted new trees on your property this spring, you may be concerned about caring for them through the summer months. For the first couple of years, new trees are establishing their root system, so you won’t see much above-ground growth. However, they need attention to grow into strong, healthy trees. Higher temperatures and potential drought can stress trees, so follow this advice for caring for young trees in the summer.

Water Your Young Trees in the Summer

Young trees require deep watering to strengthen the roots and prevent disease. Water your trees heavily to soak the soil and encourage roots to grow deeply. Shallow watering causes the tree to grow weaker roots near the surface of the soil. To make sure your trees are getting enough water, check the soil about once a week. The soil 4-6 inches below the surface should be moist. Watch for yellow or curling leaves. Use mulch around the base of your trees to help retain moisture. Add a layer of mulch 3-6 inches thick around your tree, but not right against the bark.

Caring for Trees in the Summer Includes Weeding

Weeds and other plants compete with young trees for nutrients from the soil and water. Pull weeds from the base of your trees. Flower beds beneath a young tree use nutrients that your tree needs. Plant flowers elsewhere when landscaping.

Protect Trees in Warmer Months

As young trees are growing, they are more susceptible to damage. Hot weather, damaged bark, pests, and storms are threats to young trees. Protect your trees from damage so they will grow strong and healthy.

  • In the hot summer months, pesticides and fertilizers can burn young trees. Don’t use chemicals or shop for a product that is safe to use in hot weather.
  • Damage to a tree’s bark can encourage disease or pest infestation. Help protect the bark by keeping weed-trimmers and lawnmowers away from young trees.
  • Heavy storms are common during summer. High winds and rainstorms can damage trees that are not well-established. If your area is prone to strong storms, brace smaller trees before the bad weather.

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