If you have been living with a messy and unorganized home for too long, now is a great time to tidy things up. Since it can be overwhelming to take on such a project when you don’t know where to begin, read on for some tips to help you with decluttering your home.

1. Focus on One Category at a Time When Decluttering Your Home

When you begin decluttering your home, breaking the items up into categories and focusing on them one at a time makes it more manageable. A good category to start with is clothing. Most of us have too many clothes. People buy new clothes while never getting rid of the clothes they’ve not worn in years.

This causes the problem of too many clothes with nowhere to put them. Because of this, it makes sense to begin with your clothes when you are decluttering your home. You’ll likely find extra space in your closets and drawers. After you have sorted through and organized your clothes, move onto books, papers, kitchen tools, bathroom supplies, and other miscellaneous stuff.

2. Keep, Discard, Store

When you go through any category of items, take them all out so you can sort through them. The goal is to discard as much as you can stand to part with. If you haven’t worn or used something in 6 months, and it is not because of the season, it is definitely time to get rid of it.

You should only keep items that you use often and love. If something is not used often because of the season, but it is something useful that you should keep, pack it up neatly in storage bins and put it in the attic or garage.

3. Have a Place For Everything

Once you have decided what you are going to keep in the house and what you are going to store or get rid of, it’s time to organize everything that is staying. When you establish a set place for all your belongings, it will be easier to maintain your newly organized space. You will also enjoy finding anything you need quickly.

4. Donate or Discard Right Away

If you have collected many bags or boxes of things to get rid of, congratulations! But if these things wind up in your car and never make it to the donation center, the clutter has just shifted from the house to the car. Make it a point to take everything to its destination right away, whether it’s the trash bin or the local thrift store.

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