Making your own home improvements is gratifying, but you can get injured if you’re not careful. Here are 8 DIY safety precautions to follow when working with tools, paints, and chemicals.

DIY Safety Precautions With Gear

For most DIY projects, you’ll want to wear some sort of protective gear. Depending on what you are doing, you may need safety goggles, a mask or respirator, gloves, and ear protection. Research your project online and find out what professionals recommend. Have a stash of protective gear on hand at all times so you will always have what you need.

Use Clamps for Wood

When working with wood boards, use clamps to hold them into place. Using your hands to hold wood that you are sawing or hammering is a recipe for disaster. Clamps keep your hands out of harm’s way and can prevent a trip to the emergency room. Get a set of several sizes to accommodate differently-sized boards.

Clear Pathways of Cords

When working with power tools, extension cords may be laying across the room. Make sure to keep these away from areas where people are walking. Electrical cords cause a tripping hazard which could also yank a power tool out of your hand and cause injury. Move extension cords to the perimeter of the room instead of the middle of it.

Wear Work Boots

Work boots are specifically made to protect your feet from the impact of anything heavy falling on them. They also have rubber, non-slip soles. Protect your feet while working by wearing a pair of work boots.

Have Adequate Ventilation for DIY Safety Precautions

Painting is a popular home improvement project, but interior paints have fumes and volatile organic compounds that are unhealthy to breathe. Try to do this project on a day with nice weather and open up all the windows. Turn on fans to circulate the air. Fans will also help the paint dry more quickly. When working with harsh chemicals, make sure that you ventilate the area and even wear a mask.

Work While Alert

It’s not smart to do any DIY projects while you are exhausted. If you haven’t gotten enough sleep the night before or are trying to work late into the night, get some rest and try again tomorrow.

DIY Safety Precautions With Bright Lighting

Always work in a well-lit area. If the lights in your garage or work shed and just not bright enough, bring in an industrial work light. These can be rented or purchased from a hardware store.

Read Instructions

Whether you are assembling a bookshelf or using a new power saw, always read the instructions that come with it before starting.

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