Your home is a sanctuary for you and your family so it is understandable that keeping it safe and secure is one of your top priorities. If you feel that your current security measures are lacking, here are some effective ways to improve your home security.

1. Motion-Sensor Lights

Burglars prefer to scope our your property under the darkness of night when they will not be seen by you or your neighbors. An inexpensive way to improve your home security and to dissuade potential thieves from targeting your home is to install motion-sensor lights outside.

One light on each side of your home and one on the front and back of your garage will provide your property with plenty of illumination should the sensors detect any movement. A thief creeping around your property is likely to run away once an unexpected light turns on.

2. Install A Fence To Improve Your Home Security

One of the most effective ways to keep burglars and night prowlers from trespassing on your property is to block their entry entirely. This is where a privacy fence will prove to be one of the most valuable ways to improve your home security. Installing a fence around the perimeter of your property will prevent unwanted intruders from getting too close to your home.

While security fences can sometimes have a reputation of being aesthetically unattractive, that is not always the case. Gone are the days where you had to settle for a plain chainlink fence. Now, you can purchase an ornate iron fence with a brick foundation and a gate that can be opened using a remote control.

3. Security System

If you worry about what might be happening outside or inside of your home while you’re away, a security system can increase your peace of mind. Modern security systems are more than just an alarm and a numerical keypad. The security systems on the market today boast security measures that can be accessed onsite or remotely via your smart device.

CCTV cameras, window sensors, and light control are just some of the security measures offered to you by modern home security systems. If you’re looking for an effective way to improve your home security, modern security systems offer you the latest in home security technology.

4. Natural Protections

In addition to motion lights and security systems, there are natural ways that you can improve your home security with your landscaping. A very popular security measure for many homeowners is to plant a line of tall shrubbery around their home. This shrubbery can either be planted around the perimeter of your home, much like a fence, or it can be planted closer to your home in foundation beds.

This protective shrubbery acts a deterrent to potential burglars because it makes your home more difficult to reach, blocks the view into your home, and impedes their access to your windows. There are many different types of plants that can be added to your yard to boost your home security, so research which plants would best suit your yard or hire a local landscaper. Placing garden stake lights to illuminate the landscape at night offers even better protection.

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