The kitchen is the room in the house that sees the most activity and often poses the biggest challenge for storage. There are small appliances, utensils, and cookware to find places for. With limited cabinets and drawers, finding solutions can be overwhelming. Here are 5 ideas for kitchen storage that expands your usable space in this room.

Overhead Rack for Pots and Pans

Pots and pans are awkward to store in cabinets and drawers. One common and practical storage solution for the kitchen is an overhead pot rack that hangs down from the ceiling. The rack has a grid with hooks hanging from it to hold saucepans, saute pans, cutting boards, and even large cooking utensils like ladles and spatulas.

Make sure to install the anchors into ceiling joists so the rack can handle the weight of all the cookware. Storing pots overhead frees up valuable cabinet space while keeping what you need within easy reach.

Lazy Susan

A lazy susan is a disk with a turning function in the base that typically holds spices and condiments. You can place one in a cabinet, inside the fridge, or even just directly on the countertop. Some models have multiple tiers to hold even more items. You simply spin the disk around to easily access everything that’s stored in the unit.

Use Pegboard and Hooks

A pegboard works well for a farmhouse-style kitchen and is great for holding smaller utensils like measuring spoons, graters, and peelers. Keep these small items from cluttering up your drawers by hanging them on hooks from the pegboard. You can clearly see what you have and reach over to grab whatever you need.

Inside Cabinet Doors

Install a hanging spice rack with shelves or add some hooks to the inside of the cabinet and pantry doors. It helps to keep your kitchen from looking too cluttered when you can store items behind doors. You’ll maintain clean-looking walls and cabinets and still have plenty of space to store things inside.

Under-Cabinet Stemware Rack

Stemware can be tough to store inside a cabinet because it is easily tipped over and cracked. A better solution for storing wine glasses is an under-cabinet rack. These racks are easy to install and hold glassware by the base, hanging upside down. It is much easier and safer to hang glassware on a rack than trying to fit it into cabinets, plus you’ll free up cabinet space for other items.

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