Every day, we take measures to protect ourselves from danger. When we get in a car, we put on a seat belt. When we go for a bicycle ride, we put on a helmet. We have plenty of systems in place for avoiding physical dangers, but what about the threats we can’t see, smell, or touch? This is why you need a professional radon test.

Radon is a gas that forms due to the breaking down of radioactive metals in the ground, such as radium, uranium, and thorium. Exposure to radon is a natural part of life, but when the exposure levels are too high, serious health problems can occur. According to data from the EPA, radon can cause lung cancer in both smokers and non-smokers. However, smokers are at an even greater risk.

The Silent Accumulation: Dangers of Radon Build Up

Radon comes up out of the ground and then spreads out into the atmosphere, meaning that as long as you’re outside in the fresh air, it won’t accumulate at levels that can cause you serious harm.

Inside your home, it’s a different story. Since indoor air pressure is lower than underground pressure, any cracks in your foundation or openings in the floor or walls of your home can suck radon up from the ground and into the living space. When you consider that many living spaces remain relatively sealed all year long due to air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter, it’s easy to see how the radon begins accumulating and reaches dangerous levels.

Groundwater supplies are also a source of radon. If you get your water from a well, radon might be released each time you bathe, cook, or do the dishes.

Gaining Peace of Mind: The Benefits of a Professional Radon Test

Although there are DIY kits that claim to test your home for radon, they are often faulty. If you want peace of mind, it makes sense to go with a professional radon test.

1. Your Children’s Safety

Radon exposure is cumulative. It takes repeated exposure to cause lung cancer. Small amounts cling to the lung tissue, slowly causing cellular damage. For this reason, it’s especially dangerous for young children to grow up in a home with high radon levels. By the time these kids reach adulthood, they’ll have already taken in dangerous amounts of radon.

By getting a professional radon test while your kids are still young, you can rest assured that they have a healthy home to grow up in.

2. Your Home’s Value

If you want to sell your home, it can be helpful to have papers showing you’ve passed a professional radon test. A DIY radon inspection won’t cut it. As radon awareness continues to spread, more home buyers will ask for a radon test or to see the results of one before making a decision on a home.

3. It’s Faster

DIY kits require leaving the kit in an area of your home for a long period of time so it can accumulate radon and properly read the level. Professional methods are much quicker. If you’re worried about radon in the home, you want accurate information in a timely manner. A professional radon test just makes sense.

If you’re interested in getting your home tested for radon in Middle Tennessee, please contact Home Inspectors of Middle Tennessee today. Not only will our team test your radon levels with quick turnaround, we’ll also provide tips and information on how to mitigate high levels of radon in your home, if necessary.