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Nashville Home Inspection

Sample Home Inspection Reports

rafter inspectionReporting System

HIMT uses the HomeGauge reporting system which allows us to deliver reports onsite or online with color photography. The HomeGauge reporting system is the most advanced reporting technology available today. For samples of our reports, click on the following links:

Pre-Purchase Inspection

New Construction Inspection

Fast, Convenient and Secure

Your report is uploaded to a password-protected website. You have the ability to choose who has access to your report. Because the report is on a secure website, you do not have to worry about file size limitations or the long download times typically associated with emailing large documents. With our reporting system, there is no faster or more guaranteed method of delivery available. Overnight mail, faxes and copies cannot compare. This online reporting process is especially beneficial for individuals who are relocating from out of town or otherwise unable to be present during the inspection. The reporting system makes it possible for several individuals to discuss the findings by conference call and everyone can review exactly the same items on the report at the same time. In addition to online reports, hard copies of the report and color photos are available upon request in a convenient binder format. On-site reporting is also available upon request.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

With all HIMT inspections, digital photos are inserted directly into the inspection report. Whenever your inspector finds an item that needs attention, a digital photo is taken to illustrate exactly what the text is referring to. You don’t have to wonder just what or where a problem is when you have photos incorporated into the report for handy reference. As a bonus, complimentary photos of the exterior of the home, interior rooms and special interest areas are also included. This is particularly helpful for buyers relocating from out of town who may have been overwhelmed by the number of homes they viewed prior to making their final selection.

Custom, Not Canned

The HIMT report is designed give you better information for better decisions. HIMT inspection reports are approximately 20-25 pages and specifically tailored to your house. We do not give you a 300-page document that is not applicable to your individual home inspection. A full home inspection usually takes from 2 to 3.5 hours to complete but our report will condense the information into a concise, easy to understand document that shows you the condition of the property’s structure, systems and components. The report is divided into logical sections that describe the condition of each area of the home complete with relevant photos.

Superior Customer Service

Our commitment to our clients continues after the completion of the inspection and delivery of the report. We are always available to answer any questions you may have and provide additional details regarding our findings to you, your realtor, the builder or contractors. We want you to feel comfortable that you have the information you need to make informed decisions.

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