Having a backyard space for entertaining guests and relaxing outdoors adds value to your home. You may have moved into a home that already has a deck or perhaps you want to upgrade the one you built. There are plenty of improvements you can make on your own. Here are a few DIY ideas to upgrade your deck.

Add a Pergola

The difference between a mediocre outdoor space and a stunning one is the addition of height and structure. A pergola is an inexpensive and beautiful way to contribute vertical space to your deck. They’re inexpensive, easy to build, and provide some protection from the sun.

Bench Borders

One factor in making your deck a welcoming space for guests is having plenty of seating. While investing in outdoor furniture is a good idea, it can be difficult to find outdoor tables that seat more than four people. Creating a border of benches around the perimeter of your deck adds functionality to the space and provides seating for when you want to entertain.

Add a Swing to Upgrade Your Deck

Porch swings provide a relaxing place to read or have a conversation with loved ones. Build a bed swing and create a hanging platform to gather the family to watch a movie. A hanging bed is also a great place for an afternoon nap.

Projector Screen

A homemade projector screen can be made out of a bedsheet suspended from a wall or from a PVC pipe. However, if you plan on watching outdoor movies regularly, it’s worth investing in a quality screen and an outdoor projector. Turn the backyard into your own movie theater with this easy deck upgrade.

Upgrade Your Deck With a Privacy Wall

Privacy walls are essential if you want to enjoy solitude while you relax outdoors. They’re often made out of wood or a wooden lattice, but there are other options. Install a trellis and grow trailing plants to create a lush environment. Alternatively, you can boost privacy with curtains, which are easy to install from a pergola.

Edible Container Garden

Decks are often easily accessible from the kitchen, which makes them an ideal space for container gardening. Grow vegetables and herbs and have your harvest within easy reach. Container gardens are a fun way to add organic, home-grown produce to your kitchen.

It doesn’t take much work to create a pleasant area to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. These easy deck upgrades are a great place to start.

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