Painting a room is one of the most affordable ways to update your living spaces. It quickly and easily transforms an area and you’ll add value to your home. Hire a professional to repaint a room or try a DIY approach. Follow the tips below to learn how to paint like a pro and achieve great results.

Repair Flaws to Paint Like a Pro

The best way to guarantee a flawless finish is to apply paint to a clean, smooth surface. Inspect the room you are planning to paint. You may find small cracks, nail holes, peeling areas, and stains. Apply spackle to repair minor flaws like dents and holes, and sand down the surface to remove rough spots and other imperfections. A well-prepared surface helps the paint adhere better and the final results will look great.

Buy the Best Supplies

Use the best tools if you want to achieve the same results as a professional. The better quality your brushes and rollers are, the better the finished walls will look. There are two types of brushes. Synthetic ones are recommended for latex paint or purchase natural ones if you’re using oil-based paint.

When you are looking for a roller, make sure that it doesn’t have visible seams and that it rebounds to its original shape when you squeeze it. Other supplies that you will need include a tray, painter’s tape, an extension handle for a roller, and drop cloths.

Cover Anything You Don’t Want to Paint

Even if you are patient and careful when you paint, there is still a chance you will drip paint on something that you weren’t intending to. Use drop cloths to cover the floor and furniture. Canvas is the best option because it doesn’t become slippery when wet with paint. Covering your furniture will take you just a few minutes but it will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Apply a Primer to Paint Like a Pro

Primer helps your new paint color adhere to the wall, which means that the paint you apply will last longer. It covers the current paint color and any stains and helps to conceal imperfections so that the paint goes on more smoothly. Choose a white primer for painting lighter-colored walls and a gray primer for darker colors.

Buy Quality Paint

You can purchase the best tools and learn proper painting techniques, but if you are not using high-quality paint, it will show in your results. Do your research on the right product for the area you are painting. The paint expert at your local home improvement store can help you choose the best option. Find quality paint that is stain-resistant and easy to clean.

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