The freezing temperatures, snow, and ice of winter cause wear and tear on your home. A quick inspection of your structures and property may find several problems that need your attention. Here are 5 spring home improvement projects that will get your home ready for the warmer months.

Spring Home Improvement Projects for the Yard

Winter snow, ice, and winds can damage trees and shrubs in your yard. Broken and dead trees and limbs are a hazard to both people and structures. Do a thorough inspection of your landscaping. Remove dead or broken branches that hang near windows and over walkways. Trim out dead areas and shape branches to foster new growth. This is an essential home improvement project to make your property safer and nicer for summer outdoor activities.

Clean and Caulk Windows

Winter snow and ice leave a dirty film on windows. The expansion and contraction of materials caused by fluctuating temperatures can loosen windows in their frames. Spring is a good time to give your windows a thorough cleaning and caulking to undo the damage from the harsh winter.

Repair Foundation Cracks

Take a close look at the foundation of your home. You may notice cracks and separations from the shifting of soil during winter freezes and melts. Many products are available at your local home improvement store to fill and seal these areas. If you take care of small problems, you’ll prevent larger problems later on. Properly seal these hairline cracks to prevent water intrusion and pest infestations.

Prep Your Air Conditioning System

Coming out of the colder months, your AC probably hasn’t been used for a while and needs maintenance before being put back into use. Hire a professional to change the filter and clean and inspect the parts. HVAC servicing helps prevent a breakdown on a hot day and water damage from leaks.

Spring Home Improvement for the Deck

Winter weather takes a toll on wood decks, causing separation or chipping in the wood, discoloration, and loosening of fasteners. Major structural problems should be left to a decking contractor, but you can fix minor problems yourself. Sand, stain, and seal your deck every year in spring. Repair problems like loose railings, protruding nails, and unstable steps.

Taking care of spring home maintenance tasks promptly will minimize problems and make your property more enjoyable in warm weather. Take on these 5 projects as soon as springtime comes around.

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